Work Work

The first days back from vacation, whatever the job, are never easy — crawling back into the regular nine-to-five can be a chore. You would think, what with me pursuing my dream, that getting back into the swing would be easy. But, the truth is, I’ve had a lazy couple of days. Maybe even more than usual because this is my dream. There’s nobody here pushing me, no rigid schedule to adhere to, no managers to please. New surroundings, a different location, a unique culture, all made me wish I could explore, and often day-dreaming took hold.

Thankfully, that part’s over. And, after a nice break, I think I’m now writing faster and better than I had been. Surprisingly (and maybe the only time I’ll ever say this) I’m a bit ahead of my schedule, so my earlier lapse may not have been too bad. All I have to do is keep this train chugging.

I’ve been vague thus far with my writing, mostly because I don’t want to spoil any plot points. And without new art to show, this blog might feel like a grind in the weeks without travel. I’ve been trying to let you into my mental state, and I think during these slower times we can delve deeper into that together. I look forward to exploring with you! But right now, more work work.

Background image by Samwise from the Warcraft: Orcs and Humans instruction manual (I copied these drawings endlessly as a kid)