Travel Photo Update

It’s E3 week, the Euros just started, and my Bay Area hockey brothers are still wiping away tears. My words can’t compete with all of that. But, good news! The last two months have seen a lot of travel, and Amanda and I have a staggering number of photos in our collective Google Drives — many that have just never fit properly into a blog post. It’d be a shame to not share any of these, so this week just enjoy the some pictures — from our final days in Penang, our Japan trip, and our first month in Vietnam. Details in the captions. See you next week! (Click the image below to start the gallery)

Those looking for game updates, check out my TigSource devlog. This week I wrote two posts: one about my requirements for the game’s story, and another about making the map concepts. Game updates will make a resurgence on my own site, too, but I’m still working out where exactly to integrate them. More on that, and the rest of the game, soon!