It’s Happening!

Big updates! Sorry if this post gets too many exclamation points, but in all my years making games, I’ve never been this excited to announce one!

The game is now called A Case of Distrust. It has its own website. And, in order for it to be successful, I need to get it onto Steam, so please, if you have a valid Steam account (which I think means you have to have bought a game for $5 on Steam) GO VOTE FOR IT (here if you want it in browser, or here if you’d rather just open the Steam client)!

What’s changed since I last updated you? Quite a lot! I’ll get to most of that in future posts. But the biggest change: you’re no longer solving multiple mysteries — it is A (single) Case of Distrust. That sounds like content has been cut, but that’s not true. The game is still the same length, and very similar, but with various characters and plot points shifted around. I just realized the story itself was lacking any significant punch because no characters took long enough to develop — you’d solve a case, then mostly move on. Instead, all the characters and writing have been woven into the same mystery, giving more time for intrigue, a heightened climax, and greater satisfaction. The story is more tightly tied to my main character and the themes surrounding her. I can’t wait for you to play it!

I’ll post future, more lengthy updates soon. But for now, please vote on Greenlight if you’d like to see this game!