Post-Announcement Updates

There have been a few updates since I announced the game, so why not just put them all in a blog post? If you’d like these updates in a newsletter instead, remember to sign up at the bottom of A Case of Distrust’s website!

Now let’s make this quick so I can get back to creating the game!

Articles via Kotaku and Adventure Gamers

There were two articles written about A Case of Distrust:

This is great news, since really there wasn’t much to cover (no preview or new demo). It means the media is excited about the idea, which will lead to easier coverage in future!

Casual Connect Asia – Indie Prize Finalist Nomination

Casual Connect Asia is a game conference taking place in Singapore. I submitted A Case of Distrust a few months back, and was recently told that the game was nominated for the Indie Prize! Unfortunately, that’s as far as this prize will go for the game. The schedule has ballooned and a trip to Singapore is off the table. But the nomination itself is great, and there’s always Casual Connect USA to attend this summer!

A Third of the Way to the Top 100 Greenlight Games!

In just a few short days, A Case of Distrust is about one third of the way to the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight (in terms of number of Yes votes received). A game doesn’t need to be in the Top 100 to get accepted onto Steam, so this number is actually very good! I’m confident that the game now has enough votes to eventually be approved.

A massive thank you to everybody who contributed to the Greenlight campaign (and if you haven’t, go do it now!). This means a lot to me! Thanks again!