E3 Laurels

E3 is over a week old, and I’m just starting to regain normalcy. Three days of standing at the IndieCade booth and pitching my game to fans and media, intermingled with publisher meetings, and topped with networking parties. I collapsed on the couch on Friday and was still in a haze for most of the weekend.

But it was fantastic! Prior to the expo, my knees were quivering. After all, it was my first time showing the game publicly. Maybe people would hate it? It turns out, quite the opposite happened:

Those awards mean quite a lot. They’re nice to put on the game’s page, but more than that, they serve as motivation. This game has the potential to be fantastic. These prizes strengthen my resolve to not stop working until it is. All the stories written about the game work the same way. Here are some choice quotes:

Impressed me with its nuanced, careful construction of its milieu and characters, and the resonant comparisons it draws with the world of today –Jen Glennon, Newsweek’s Player.One

It evokes its setting of 1924 San Francisco perfectly –Holly Green, Paste Magazine

The game’s writing [is] downright phenomenal –Taylor Danielle, Twinfinite

The art style and the manner in which this text unfolds…is totally evocative of the era –Amanda Pillon, Sweety High

Super gumshoe… really cool animation and art style –The Optional

Adventurous point-and-click gameplay –Anthony Elio, Innovation & Tech Today

Though some of the best motivation came from the fans themselves. Allowed into E3 for the first time, they were the most excited bunch. We got every fan who played to leave sticky notes about what they liked in the game. Those soon took over the booth!

And, of course, a massive thank you to Taylor Pereira, the guy in the last picture, who flew from Toronto to Los Angeles to help me set up and run the booth. He was at once my organizer, my back-up, my sanity check, and my good friend. Thanks buddy!

IndieCade @ E3 was a resounding success. If the reception there is any indication, you’ll like the game when it releases! I’m excited to do more conventions in the future!

After IndieCade, a few press outlets contacted me regarding further articles, videos, or podcasts — so the coverage from E3 will continue to trickle in. But, for now, here’s a list of all the coverage about A Case of Distrust at E3. If you find any more that aren’t on here, please let me know!

Background Image of Nintendoland at E3 2012 by Pop Culture Geek