A 48-hour marathon, this game was made by four friends and myself on a rather random weekend. Designed by all five of us, it is a four-player class-based cooperative wave-survival game, played from a top-down perspective. The twist is that the characters can pass a ball of energy between them, that grows more massive the longer the chain of subsequent catches; if this ball passes through enemies, it kills them instantly, hence the game encourages clever teamwork and positioning to defeat the harder waves.

Trailer by Filip Krynicki

I worked exclusively on the art side of this project, drawing the four main character classes and the level background image. We decided on a theme of cowboy meets fantasy, so all the classes – and hence the art style – were western homages to the original Final Fantasy.

Want to try it out yourself? Here’s a link to the GitHub page of the source. Note, Visual Studio with XNA is required to make it work — no Mac or Linux support.

Created by myself, Benjamin Cassell, Filip Krynicki, Tyler Szepesi, and Alex Szlavik