Deux-Signing in Public

This was an entry into MolyDeux, a game jam based on the tweets of Peter Molydeux – actually a joke account spoofing the hubris of famous game designer Peter Molyneux.

The game has a very basic premise:

An unprepared Peter Molyneux must wow the crowd with his new game – but he hasn’t designed it yet. Can waffling save the day?

Based on the quote:

I have to be careful what I say, there are PR policeman in the audience with sniper rifles …

Honestly it’s a pretty rudimentary game that was the first thing I’d ever programmed in a purely visual language (Construct 2). But it’s a lot of fun in a big crowd, thanks to some great writing and fun presentation. Though it won’t ever win any awards, I quite like what came of this mad-libs farce.

Want to try it out yourself? Here’s a link to the MolyJam page. Apparently, the MolyJam pages have been taken down! Bummer! But I’m hosting it myself here if you’d like to give it a shot. It can be played directly in your browser!

Created by myself, Ludwig Kietzmann, and Su Liu, with music by Robin Yukiko