This game was made with the same team of friends that had created An Ice Fortress Production. Spurred by our first game’s success, we wanted to create a multiplayer platformer and fighting game. We decided to write most of the code from scratch – including our own networking, physics, and animation systems – barely using any included XNA functionality.

I mainly tackled the physics system, but also helped with some of the networking bugs. We went with a plane-based physics system with features we found interesting (sliding, gradation-slowed movement). Our networking system was client-predicted, server-authoritative – a much more intricate undertaking than our fully server-based original project.

While we did all learn a lot, very little “fun” was actually had with this game, devolving into an engine creation project rather than an actual game jam. I’m proud of what we accomplished, but I think adding some art style and actual mechanics to the early phases of the jam would have spurred further development.

Want to try it out yourself? Here’s a link to the GitHub page of the source. Note, Visual Studio with XNA is required to make it work — no Mac or Linux support.

Created by myself, Benjamin Cassell, Filip Krynicki, Tyler Szepesi, and Alex Szlavik