This past month, I’ve been brainstorming and prototyping various aspects of my game. The following demo is the fruit of those labours. I’ll write about it in Wednesday’s post, but I wanted to let you guys play the demo before I break it down.

Some caveats are important to understand it:

  • This is a first pass visual representation of what I’d like the game took look like, with some limited interactivity to prototype a few systems
  • There is no gameplay here — i.e.: this isn’t a mini-slice of my game. It’s purely a style-piece, and even at that, it isn’t perfect. Normally, I wouldn’t share something so raw with any audience, but I want to be more open with development, so here ya go

I’ll leave further dissection for Wednesday’s post; I’ll tell you what I like about it, what I want to improve for the final game, and what I’ll be tackling for the rest of my time in Thailand. Please note, this demo will only work on a computer; no tablet, phone, console, or Google Cardboard support:

  • Download the Mac version HERE
  • Download the Windows version HERE
  • Download the Linux version HERE

IMPORTANT:  I’ve only tested the Mac version on my one Macbook Pro. Please tell me if whichever version you download doesn’t work for whatever reason!

UPDATE: Added the ability for the ESC key to exit the game — because for some reason y’all want to stop playing



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