Bonus Round: BenWander_StyleDemo

This past month, I’ve been brainstorming and prototyping various aspects of my game. The following demo is the fruit of those labours. I’ll write about it in Wednesday’s post, but I wanted to let you guys play the demo before I break it down.

Some caveats are important to understand it:

  • This is a first pass visual representation of what I’d like the game took look like, with some limited interactivity to prototype a few systems
  • There is no gameplay here — i.e.: this isn’t a mini-slice of my game. It’s purely a style-piece, and even at that, it isn’t perfect. Normally, I wouldn’t share something so raw with any audience, but I want to be more open with development, so here ya go

I’ll leave further dissection for Wednesday’s post; I’ll tell you what I like about it, what I want to improve for the final game, and what I’ll be tackling for the rest of my time in Thailand. Please note, this demo will only work on a computer; no tablet, phone, console, or Google Cardboard support:

  • Download the Mac version HERE
  • Download the Windows version HERE
  • Download the Linux version HERE

IMPORTANT:  I’ve only tested the Mac version on my one Macbook Pro. Please tell me if whichever version you download doesn’t work for whatever reason!

UPDATE: Added the ability for the ESC key to exit the game — because for some reason y’all want to stop playing









8 responses to “Bonus Round: BenWander_StyleDemo”

  1. Seth Hall Avatar

    Very cool man!! Good stuff. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.


    1. TheWanderingBen Avatar

      Thanks, Seth! I’m happy you liked it. I look forward to more progress, too 🙂

  2. Tyler Szepesi Avatar
    Tyler Szepesi

    Linux user reporting in: It does not work 🙁

    I have a core dumb, but it is not very useful because (as is reasonable) you did not compile with debugging symbols. Let me know if I can be of help with any further investigation.

    1. TheWanderingBen Avatar

      Thanks for testing, Tyler. Sent you an email for more deets. I’ll get to the bottom of it.

  3. Jason Avatar

    Cool stuff so far Ben! Keep working hard.

    1. Jason Avatar

      Also, cool escape key work. It really adds something to the game.

      1. TheWanderingBen Avatar

        Thanks for playing, man. The Escape key is really how I think I can be unique in the genre.

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