Another 48 hour jam by the IceFortress crew, Kingship is a two-player competitive strategy game, where each player controls a set of spaceships, vying destroy the other players’ ships.

Unfortunately, a combination of inexperience with the game engine, idealistic goals, and long-distance development caused this game to — well, not be a game. There is actually no method of destroying an opponent’s ships, so all players can do is guide their own ships through a 3D space.

That said, everybody learned a lot from this experience. I created all of the user-interface — from menu to HUD — which laid the foundation for my Unity UI knowledge and future work. I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish in just a weekend, even if it didn’t amount to anything fun this time around.

Want to try it out yourself? Here’s a link to the GitHub page of the source.

Created by Benjamin Cassell, Filip Krynicki, Tyler Szepesi, Alex Szlavik, and myself