PAX West

PAX West. Ow. My exhaustion is only now waning, two weeks after the final day of that massive show. The wall of humans chronically surrounding the Indie MEGABOOTH transcended any other convention I’ve seen, as an attendee or presenter. If you came around the booth, you may have found my voice rough and strident, or my words slurred, or that I was nearly unconscious. And my feet still hurt.

But my complaints are trivial compared to the rewards. Hundreds of showgoers once again reminded me that, hey, A Case of Distrust is damned cool. Many players groaned when the demo ended, eager to continue Malone’s story. The diverse crowd dug the style and wanted more. And, of course, the cat got much love.

If exhaustion is the only price for that pleasure, sign me up every time!

A very heartfelt thank you every single person who played the game; to the Indie MEGABOOTH team for selecting A Case of Distrust; to Christopher Wulf who coordinated the booths expertly; to Yaprak and David DeCarmine for showcasing the game at the Game Jolt party; to Luke Icenhower who gave me a place to stay; to Dino Ignacio, Evan Champlin, and Rex for reminding me that Seattle friends are awesome; and to Kyle Seeley and Robin Ras for watching the booth and finding food and getting wasted together.

Until next year!







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  1. AJ Fraser Avatar
    AJ Fraser

    Don’t forget the time Greg Miller talked about it on the Kinda Funny Gamescast!

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