Play the Demo

Haven’t played A Case of Distrust at game conventions? Or, maybe you have, but you’d love a bit more? Now, through the magic of the internet, you can try the Extended Showcase Demo!


Okay, real moment, I’m terrified and exhilarated. This is the first time my game — the thing I spent almost two and a half years making — will be played worldwide. I’m shaking while typing this post.

So what is this build?

I’m calling it the Extended Showcase Demo. Basically, it’s what I’ve brought to events, plus a little bit more. (For those who have played the shorter demo, you’ll actually get to go inside Southern Coffee.) I’m sharing this now so we can chat about it — so that I can dissect elements of the game (like the travel conversations) in future blog posts. It will let me lift the curtain to more clearly show you the inner workings of the game’s development.

At shows, the demo typically took 10 minutes to get through, so I’m guessing this should take 20 minutes — maybe a bit longer if you linger.

The entire game takes about 3-4 hours, so this is just a taster. Remember, you’ll be able to get the full game on February 8th! But for now, please enjoy this demo.

I hope you like the flavor!







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