Roll was my first real dive into Unity development. The first prototype was created in just 12 hours, with another 12 hours added for the painting mechanic and individual levels. I really wanted to see how far I could get in prototyping a concept in a short amount of time. This was also the first 3D project I had tried to develop.

Want to play it? It works in-browser – here you go! (though Chrome doesn’t like to play nice with Unity anymore, so maybe use something else)






3 responses to “Roll”

  1. Christian Avatar

    I recently started using unity in my free time to make something (which I still have not decided because I am mostly playing around with mechanics to get a feel for it). If you can, could you teach me some tips and tricks to help me create something?

    1. Ben Avatar

      Welcome to the club of game developers! Starting is hard for a lot of people, so you deserve congratulations for just downloading and messing with development tools. It’s fantastic how easy you can grab professional software these days — I’m glad to see you’re taking full advantage of it, especially considering your age!

      Unity is great for learning, so its good you started there. For a jumping off point, I’d recommend the amazing suite of tutorials created by their internal team: There’s a lot of important concepts crammed into some fun games. Follow their instructions, but mess around and make each game your own — change colours, jump heights, animations, whatever you want. You probably won’t need to go through all of them before you start crafting your own stuff, but its a good place to learn the basics — and I even go back there when I have questions about using the engine properly.

      Fairly quickly, you’ll get into coding, which can be a tricky business. I’m not sure what experience you have there, but I hear you live with a couple of great software developers, so I know they’d love to help if you get stuck. And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out and ask (email, Facebook, twitter, whatever). Good luck! I wish I started game developing as early as you are — I’m excited to see where you go!

  2. Christian Avatar

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂