The Forever Hill

Another IceFortress production, created in a slightly shortened weekend. The Forever Hill is an endless racing game, where up to four players control their own toboggans, trying to get as far as they can down a snowy slope that’s riddled with trees.

This game could be seen as a direct response to our previous jams. Our most “fun” game had still been our first, mostly due to its simplicity. With one less band-mate this time around (plenty of jams to come, Fil!), trying to replicate the intent of that first game — i.e.: a simple concept that we could build on — seemed like the best course of action. This isn’t a complicated game, nor does it have a novel concept. But it was fun to make, and it’s fun to play! Our new high bar for entertainment!

Want to try it out yourself? Download the Mac or PC version and give it a whirl — alone, or with a few friends! Since we forgot to give any control schemes in-game (whoops!) check out this useful text file for all your reference needs.

Created by Benjamin Cassell, Tyler Szepesi, Alex Szlavik, and myself

We found all our sounds online: background music by Bensound; tree smack sound by Mike Koenig; record scratch sound from AudioSoundClips







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