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  • Choices


    And then I came to Three ways, And each was mine to choose; For all of them were free ways, To take or to refuse. Major choices in narrative games are often expected. Of course your decisions will have an impact! That’s why you play games after all: to see an immediate and lasting consequence to your…

  • Reunited


    In a tiny café, as a soft trumpet frolicks with delicate française, I sip a refreshing afternoon cider. This could be San Francisco, or Toronto, or Penang. But it’s still Denver. I told you I’d be sticking around a while. Another long drag of drink, followed by a breath with more exhaustion than I’d realized. I’d taken some days after E3…

  • E3 Laurels

    E3 Laurels

    E3 is over a week old, and I’m just starting to regain normalcy. Three days of standing at the IndieCade booth and pitching my game to fans and media, intermingled with publisher meetings, and topped with networking parties. I collapsed on the couch on Friday and was still in a haze for most of the weekend. But it was fantastic! Prior…

  • Nice Moves

    Nice Moves

    Until now, character images in A Case of Distrust have been static. A player would choose to talk to someone, then the screen would transition to a still of the character’s face: To keep with the Saul Bass poster art style, most of the game features stationary images, or only subtle animations. The static character art worked very well with…

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