Category: Game Jams

  • Roll


    Roll was my first real dive into Unity development. The first prototype was created in just 12 hours, with another 12 hours added for the painting mechanic and individual levels. I really wanted to see how far I could get in prototyping a concept in a short amount of time. This was also the first 3D project I had tried to develop.…

  • OceanMars


    This game was made with the same team of friends that had created An Ice Fortress Production. Spurred by our first game’s success, we wanted to create a multiplayer platformer and fighting game. We decided to write most of the code from scratch – including our own networking, physics, and animation systems – barely using any included…

  • SkyCrane


    A 48-hour marathon, this game was made by four friends and myself on a rather random weekend. Designed by all five of us, it is a four-player class-based cooperative wave-survival game, played from a top-down perspective. The twist is that the characters can pass a ball of energy between them, that grows more massive the…